Metal Mask for Vapor-Deposition Patterning

Thermal expansion coefficeient can be matched to substrates to reduce motion of pattern during deposition.

For vaporization deposition, repltace photolitho-graphy be metal mask system. Higher precision, low thermal expansion and island mask are available.

Island pattern, spiral or doughnuts pattern can be made by "Spiders‘ mask".
Spiders‘ mask
Thinner accurate mask
Photo of deposited pattern
Various Thermal expansion coefficient
Taper angle of opening edge is available.
Applications 1.Vapor-Deposition of OEL
2.Patterning Electrodes of LED
3.Patterning Electrodes of ITO film
4.Various vaporization
Features Low thermal expansion, varous thermal expansion
Tapered side wall
Spiral pattern deposition
Cost saving
Specifications Pattern Dimension +/-1um
Position, Pitch +/-3um
Over all size max 450mmx500mm
Alternative technology of lift-off to save cost and to think Ecology.