With microfabrication technology at the core Aiming to be a company that can meet your needs

Recently, "manufacturing" has been changing in various ways. Since its establishment, Optnics Precision has been challenging itself to develop original technologies with ultrafine processing technology at its core. As technology requires changes with the times, we will continue to provide the products that meet the needs more by making full use of the unique technologies that Optnics Precision has developed over the years.

Representative Director Meiko Yano

Corporate identity

  • Optnics Precision grows together with employees, contribute to society through manufacturing, and strive to be a necessary presence for people and the earth.

Management Policy /
Action Policy

  • Co-creation and Respect with Employees

    We support the growth of each employee, build relationships that create value together, and create an environment that maximizes individual abilities. We promote open communication, actively accept employees' opinions and suggestions, and reflect them in the organization's decision-making.
  • Value Creation through Product Development

    We work on high-quality and sustainable product development based on our strong technological foundation. We maintain niche markets, respond sensitively to needs, and create products that offer new value to society.
  • Contribution to Society

    We consider it our mission to contribute to society through our products and services. We develop products that contribute to solving social issues and improving people's lives, and actively work towards realizing a sustainable society.
  • Consideration for the Environment

    We promote initiatives that are considerate of the Earth's environment, such as minimizing environmental impact in product manufacturing, promoting recycling, and improving energy efficiency. We aim to instill an attitude of cherishing the Earth throughout the organization and strive to be an environmentally friendly company.
  • Transparency and Sincerity

    We emphasize transparency and sincerity in communication both within and outside the organization. We adhere to honest and fair behavior, and build a corporate culture that is trustworthy and convincing.

Quality Policy

  • We will accurately understand customer needs and provide trusted products and services as a whole company.

  • The organization's leadership will support the quality policy, and employees will share quality objectives and work towards achieving them.

  • We will improve the quality of products and processes while promoting technological innovation using our unique technology.

  • We will provide products that minimize environmental impact by considering the environment, promoting energy conservation, and recycling.

  • We will continuously improve the quality management system and strive for sustainable growth and quality improvement.


Company profile Optnics Precision Co., Ltd.
Business content Planning, development, manufacturing and sales of ultra-precision and ultra-fine products
Representative Director (president) Meiko Yano
Established on April 1986
Capital 10 million yen
Employees Approximately 60
【Headquarters and factory】
26, Fujimicho, Ashikaga, Tochigi, 326-0037, Japan
TEL.0284-43-3611 FAX.0284-43-0707


1986 Established Optnics Precision Co., Ltd.
1994 Award of development Special Metal Mesh Technology by Ashikaga Regional Industry Promotion Project
1996 Completion of new office building and relocation head office and factory Certified company by Tochigi Prefecture SME Creation Activity Promotion Law
1998 Adopted by NEDO for micro molds
1999 Joint research agreement with the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, Karlsruhe, Germany.
2002 "Micro mold by LIGA process" received the Mitsui Precision Technology Award from the Japan Society for Plastic Processing
"Invention of battery safety valve" received the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Commissioner's Award by the Japan Institute of Innovation
2003 Certified as a frontier company by "manufacturing super mesh for nebulizer"
2006 Selected as "300 small and medium-sized manufacturing companies" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
Obtained ISO9001 certification
2007 Received the Industrial Economy Contribution Award from the Tochigi Prefectural Industrial Council
2008 Completion of expansion of head office factory
2009 Started joint research with Tohoku University on "Development of property test system for high-strength electroformed materials"
Started joint research with Ritsumeikan University on "advancement of X-ray lithography mask"
Started joint research with Hyogo Prefectural University on "advancement of LIGA process"
2012 Started development and sales of the world's first gold coffee filter "Golden Cafe Filter"
2013 Adopted for the Research Results Optimal Deployment Support Program (A-STEP) regarding the development of "aerosol inhalation drug administration device" with Tokyo University of Science
Adopted by the Strategic Fundamental Technology Advancement Support Project (METI) regarding "development of high-precision filters"
2015 Received the Excellence Award in the "Manufacturing Category" of the Tochigi Industrial Vitality Awards
2016 Received the Invention Association Chairman's Encouragement Award from the Invention Association for the world's first "Golden Cafe Filter"
Completion of secondary expansion at the head office factory
2018 Developed "Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Filter Device and Its Automatic Device" in collaboration with Aichi Cancer Center
Selected as a regional future leader by the Regional Economy, Trade and Industry Group of METI
Adopted for advanced manufacturing industry research and development support project regarding "efficiency of inspection / guarantee system for absolute dimension filter"
Started joint research with University of Tsukuba on "Liquid Diagnostic System"
2019 Received the Commissioner of the Patent Office Encouragement Award from the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for " Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Filter and Peripheral Device"
Adopted as a support project for product development of strategic industry leading companies regarding "advancement of chemical spray devices"
2021 Adopted as a support project for product development of strategic industry leading companies regarding "Medical Chip Molding Mold"
2023 the research institute and planning office were closed and relocated to the head office factory for integration.
Adopted as part of the development of high-performance catalysts for fuel cells, we received the Tochigi Green Industry Creation Support Program.
Adopted as part of the advancement of nebulizer technology, we received the Advanced Technology/Product Development Support Subsidy.


Headquarters and factory

26, Fujimicho, Ashikaga, Tochigi, 326-0037, Japan
TEL.0284-43-3611 FAX.0284-43-0707

  • Access: About 10〜15 minutes by car from Ashikagashi Station Tobu Isesaki Line
  • About 5〜10 minutes by car from JR Ashikaga Station