Sealth Hyper Sieve

Stealth Fine Sieve/Mesh, Sealth Hyper Sieve/Mesh

High spead sieving, Small size sieving (less than 20um) can be realized.

SUS frame sieve, ASTM compatible
Higher opening
Nano aperture
Applications Sieving of Solder ball, Diamond, CMP powder, ACF ball, Spacer ball, Carbon, Chemical compound
Features Tolerance ex:+/-0.5um
Higher opening ex:2um/4um
Long life by support structure
Less damage to balls by mesh surface design
High speed sieveing (more than 3 times than current) PAT.P
Specifications Frame
 SUS 3inch, 8inch (ASTM compatible)
 Acrylic 75mm
 Other customer design
Aperture (tolerance)
 2um - (0.5um)
 2000LPI -