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Ultra-fine Fabrication Technology Photo-Electroforming
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Products & Technologies

X-ray Lithography

High Aspect Ratio 『X-ray Lithography』
X-ray Masks, X-ray Lithography, LIGA

Meshes, Filters

Ultra accurate meshes 『Ultra accurate meshes』
Ultra fine & ultra accurate meshes

Sieve, Sieve Mesh

SUS frame sieve, ASTM compatible 『Sealth Hyper Sieve』
Stealth Fine Sieve/Mesh, Sealth Hyper Sieve/Mesh

Safety Vents

Gas Release Vents/Rupture type 『Safety Vents』
Safety Vents for Capacitors, Batteries

Metal Masks

Island pattern, spiral or doughnuts pattern can be made by "Spiders‘ mask". 『Metal Mask for Vapor-Deposition Patterning』
Thermal expansion coefficeient can be matched to substrates to reduce motion of pattern during deposition.


High aspect probe by X-ray & UV lithography 『Ptobe Pin, Probe Tip, Brade, Needle』
Probes tips with super elastic and super reliability cab be applied to the next generation probe system.

Atomizing, Nebulizing, Fine Particle

silicate of soda powder Φ12um 『Fine Particle』
Nebilizing, Fine Particle
mist generation 『Nebulizer, Nebulizer Devices』
Wide Application -- for Beauty, Humidifier, Inhaler