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Company History

Apr. 1986 Established OPTNICS PRECISION Co.,Ltd.
Mar. 1989 Developed Magnetic Thin Film Spacer
Jan. 1993 Developed High Tension Mesh
Oct. 1994 Developed Water Repellent Treatment Technique
May. 1995 Set up Department of Technology Planning
Jul. 1995 Developed High Aspect Mesh
Feb. 1996 Developed Fabrication Process for Thickfilm Circuit
Mar. 1996 Completed New Building and transferred Head Factory
May. 1996 Established R&D Center
May. 1996 Developed Diamond Composit Process
Jul. 1996 Certified by Goverment with Innovation Act
Oct. 1998 Micro Mold Set was Approved by NEDO (New Energy Development Organization)
Apr. 1999 Developed X-ray Lithography and X-ray Masks
Apr. 1999 Signed Joint Reseach Agreement with Karls Ruhe Nuclear Institute GmbH
Jan. 2000 Developed Manufacturing Process for Micro-Probe
May. 2000 Obtained Patent on Battery Rupture Disk
jan. 2001 Developed Manufacturing Process for Fuel Injection Nozzle
May. 2002 Received JAPAN Plastic Manufacturing Society Award
Jul. 2002 Developed Vaporization Shadow Mask for Organic EL Display
Oct. 2002 Received 2002 Kanto Regional Invention Award
Oct. 2002 Received Medium and Small Industry Agency Director Award
Aug. 2003 Certified as "Frontier Company" by Tochigi Pref.
Oct. 2003 Developed Manufacturing Process for Ultra-High Elastic Micro-Probes
Nov. 2003 Developed Manufacturing Process for Ultra-Low Thermal Expansion Vaporization Shadow Masks
Jul. 2004 Developed Ultra-Fine Contact Probe Fabrication Technology
Jan. 2005 Obtained Patent on X-ray Mask
Apr. 2006 Selected One of the "300 Energetics Manufacturing Small-Medium Enterprises" by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of JAPAN)
May. 2006 Registered ISO9001-2000 Certification
Jan. 2008 Developed Mesh-Type Nebulizer Technology and Devices. Started Production of the Devices
Nov. 2008 Completed New Building at Head Factory
Nov. 2008 Developed 2nd Generation Safety Vent (Gas-Release Type) for EDLC, Li-ion Battery
Jun. 2009 Developed New Generation Mask for X-ray Lithography (HARMST2009)
Aug. 2009 Started Co-Study of Measurement System of Mechanical Property with Tohoku Univ.
Aug. 2009 Started Co-Study of Upgrading X-ray Lithography Mask with Ritsumeikan Univ.
Nov. 2009 Started Co-Study of Upgrading LIGA Process with Univ. of Hyogo
Apr. 2010 Obtained Basic Patent on Super Low Thermal Expansion Mask
Apr. 2010 Developed 3rd Generation Safety Vent (Returnable Vent Type) for EDLC, Li-ion Battery
Jun. 2010 Developed Vertical Probe of Φ30µm width
Nov. 2010 Developed and Started Production of Fine Sieve (Stealth Sieve) and Sieving Machine